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Here is some helpful information about dog crates

Dogs instinctively prefer sleeping and lying down in places that they feel there is some form of protection and security. When a dog lies down its usually next to something like the wall, the sofa or under a table etc. Many items sold in the pet industry are more about them being pleasing to the human eye and human emotions. Some dog foods are sold because they look appealing and tasty to us and the whole business has been built on this. However, when it comes to a dog crate many of us humans dismiss it as a cage for the dog but the dog doesn't see it that way. To a dog it looks like a safe, protective and cosy place to lie down. It's like an indoor kennel but they still have full view of their surroundings.

You cant just put your dog in a crate lock the door and leave him there that would be like locking me in the bathroom. You need to allow your dog time to get to like his new den as a place of his own within the house where he is safe and your property is also safe. A dog's reaction to something is based on emotion and instinct so allow him time to wonder into and out of the crate on his own, put a treat in there for him and a little toy to play with, let him know it's his safe little pen. I put my toddlers in a play pen for their safety and it is a close similarity for a dog and his crate – really do view it like putting my babies into their play pen. When your dog is comfortable in his dog crate he can be left there to prevent the chewing of furniture, weeing on carpets or any other damage he doesn't realise he is causing – because he is a dog. Its' ideal for when you go out for you both.

Make sure your purchase a dog crate that allows for good movement of your dog. He will want to be able to stand up and turn around etc. and the crate should be of a size where your dog can do this with comfort. If you buy a crate for a puppy make sure you allow for him to grow – some breeds obviously grow bigger than others but check with your dog crate supplier or you could end up buying another crate for him.

As I have mentioned you need to put a toy or two in the crate and maybe a treat or some biscuits for him to nibble on. He should also have access to a drink of water and he should have some form of bedding in there for him so that it is as comfortable as possible. I have seen dogs very happy on some old thick blankets but you can buy beds that specifically fit the base of the dog crate which are ideal. I have a base bed and some blankets which smell like his family environment (well they do when I put them in after washing)

There are a number of different types of crates available but I have gone for a chrome finish with a metal base which I know will last for a very long time. The metal base will not become chewed up by the dog so it won't need replacing a number of times. The gauge of the mesh wire is important too because you wont want it to get bent or distorted. Also look out for the size of the spacing between the wire – you can see if it has been made cheaply or not. My one also folds flat and has a carrying handle which is ideal for storage purposes and to make it simple to use. I have bought cheaper cages in the past but it was false economy and a year down the line I found myself buying another one – that was my dog crate mistake.

A Basic Overview About Dog Cages

Similar to human beings, man’s best friend “dogs” also need their own personal space and dog crates can give a dog his own space while clearing off a lot of problems for the owner. If you are an owner of a day, here is a basic overview about dog crates to assist you know what it can really do for you.

Known as dog crates or dog crates are nothing but den – kind cages that give the dogs a safe, comfortable, and personal place to retreat to, while you are at home or when travelling via airplane or vehicle. For deriving maximum results out of crates, proper crate training is recommended. The most common reasons for employing crates are toilet training a puppy, taking the pet for short trips through car or airplane, displaying them at the dog shows, and most importantly, giving them their own personal space.

There are several types of dog crates with variations available within each type. The most common types of crates are those made out of sturdy wire or plastic. However, nearly all of them are foldable. Few are soft sided, whereas few feature replaceable trays and even, cooling systems.

Dog cages are available in all sizes. It does not matter whether you are looking for a small puppy cage for your miniature poodle or a huge one for Great den, you can easily find the appropriate size in the market. However, the crucial factor to be considered is that the size of the puppy crate should not be too big or too small for your pet. You must ensure that the dog can stand up properly, lie down on his side, and turn around comfortably inside the crate. If you own a puppy, then you have to buy a small puppy cage and replace the same as he grows up.

Advantages Benefits
Dog crates are unquestionable one of the most effective training tools for dogs. Toilet training becomes much easier with crates as crate training teaches that urination place is outside from the resting place. Dog crates give the owner a peace of mind. And they can easily go out for few hours without worrying about dog soiling the new carpet or chewing the table legs. In addition, dogs introduced to the crates are known to be more disciplined and mannered than those who aren’t.

Dog crates serve many more purposes than a lot of people realize when considering them. Dog crates and dog cages are the same thing and ours are made of heavy duty high quality metal wire that has a level of tempering to create flexibility and additional strength. A dog crates provides your dog or puppy with its own little safe haven and safe area. A lot of dog owners will not see all of the benefits that a good dog crate will provide to both the dog and themselves. A large amount of people  do not understand enough about the need for a dog to feel secure and may misunderstand that keeping their dogs contained within a cage is actually comforting to the dog. Occasionally dogs will attempt to escape from a dog crate but this is not due to them feeling imprisoned it ir moreover due to them suffering from separation anxiety and a dogs should not be left in dog crates while they are suffering from this condition. 

When you get a new puppy one of the first things that should be done is house-breaking them for toilet training and prevention of chewing your goods. Dog crates that allow the puppy to feel comfortable and can greatly speed up the time it takes to toilet train most dogs, as most dogs will try to keep the area where they sleep moderately clean if it is small. Another common use for a dog crate is to provide your dog somewhere they can go when you have company over especially boisterous children for example. Dogs can sometimes be fearful of people especially if they don't know them and very often adopted dogs who have been saved from abuse.  Providing them with their own familiar space can allow them to feel more secure and dog crates can ideally provide this environment for them.

Dog crates can also serve the reverse purpose of containing a boisterous dog under control of you have guests over. If you take your dog with you on short trips in the car you may know how distracting they can be when you are driving. It is safer for both the people within the car and your animals for them to be secured and a dog crate is one option for providing this. As our dog crates are totally portable you can move your dog from room to room while you are with them in the house. The folding flat design allows for easy transporting and storage of our dog crates If moving home or holidaying with your dog his dog crate can give your dog a feeling of familiarity while they adjust to their new environment. The value of dog crates go far beyond what you may first think, however given some time with one you will see all the advantages and benefits.


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Dogs are men’s best friend and people keep dogs for various reasons ranging from safety to companionship but mainly love. Some people build kennels for their dogs or just let them roam free in their garden but what can a person living in an apartment building or in a big city do? He doesn’t have the space to build a kennel, nor can he let his dog go running around free all the time. There’s a very easy solution to this problem. Buy a dog crate.
Dog crates or dog cages are very popular all over the world because they provide your dog a place of his own within your own home which will keep him safe and out of trouble. Dogs find these enclosures very comfortable as they like a den environment. Dog crates are main help are while you are house breaking or training your puppy or puppies. There are many kinds of dog crate, solid plastic ones, aluminium cages, soft crates, fabric dog crates and the heavy duty wire crates or dog cages that we sell right here. Solid plastic cages are good for travelling as compared to the other kinds. Our dog crates are folding models and are strong considering they are portable and folding. They this can be used as a permanent place for your dog to stay inside your house and are very popular these days with dog wieners al around the world. Many people used to only use them for dog shows and the like but now they are used as permanent or semi-permanent fixtures in the home.. Soft crates are easy to store and are lightweight and even more portable.

Dog crates provide your dog with a personal space of his own. Some are available with beds to fit which you may have seen on our website already. With all such comforts within these cages, your dogs love them. They might show an initial reluctance to get into their new dog crate but with patience and a little training thye soon love their own space within the house.

Dog crates are good for dog shows as it is easier for you to control your dog around other dogs. If you have to leave your dog alone at home then you can put him in the dog crate which will ensure his safety and also prevent your property from being damaged by the dog or puppy. When you have visitors at your home you can put the dog in his dog crate away from noisy children or to control his excited behaviour. They are suitable for almost every breed of dog depending on size of breed and behaviour patterns. Since, you won’t be buying a dog crate on a regular basis it is better to choose the correct one that will suit both you and your dogs needs. Make the right decision and see your friendly dog enjoy the comforts of his new dog crate.

Using a Dog Crate is possibly the most effective way of house training your dog or puppy. Dogs instinctually like a feeling of being protected which is why they often lay under tables or up against sofas and chairs. They generally will not urinate or in an area where they use to sleep or rest.  Having a dog crate can be the tool required in order to ensure they wee and poop outside the home. Dogs need to wee quite regularly just like most humans upon waking up in the morning and occasionally throughout the day. When using a dog crate you can take them outside to wee regularly and therefore reduce the chance of them weeing inside the house. make sure you praise your dog or puppy for doing his wee or poop outside to encourage the behaviour.  Ensure you take the dog or puppy out before you go to bed and first thing in the morning to create the habit for both you and the dog. With a puppy you may need to allow them to eliminate art night during sleeping hours but as they grow they will be able to hold it like humans until the morning.